Cosmogym Workshops

We’re excited to let you know that 7 different workshops will take place during Cosmogym Summer 4all 2024 with skilled instructors from both Greece and abroad. Participants of all ages and fitness levels can take part. Our goal is for teams to have fun while trying out something new during their free time in Loutraki.

Below you will find more information about each workshop. All workshops are approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour long and will take place in Loutraki Beach Park, where the Cosmogym Stage is located. No special equipment is needed but we recommend bringing with you a bottle of water, a hat and a small towel.

Fill in the Workshop Registration Form to sign up your team to the Workshops of your choice (maximum 2 per team).


Flashmob Special Event

Sunday, June 30

With the Volunteer team

This workshop will quickly walk you through the Cosmogym Flashmob choreography. We will be dancing the Flashmob every day during the Team Performances, so if you don’t have time to learn the choreography before your arrival, this class is for you. No need to register, this workshop is open for everyone.



Monday, July 1

Instructor: Alexia Kyriazi

In this workshop we will work on learning a series of dance movements and steps accompanied with music. The objective is to compose a short choreography that all the participants will perform at the end of the class.



Tuesday, July 2

Instructors: Panagiotis Atsas, Thomas Zikos and Christos Zafeiris from the gymnastics club FOM Kotinos

Acrobatic gymnastics is one of the most impressive sports in gymnastics, as it includes floor exercises, dance and of course acrobatics that require coordination, balance and cooperation. This workshop is aimed at gymnasts who want to expand their skills and learn techniques in acrobatic elements such as balance, lifts and throws. The participants will have the opportunity during this course to try and experiment the skills they will be taught with the help of the instructors.


Zumba Masterclass

Tuesday, July 2

Instructor: David Araujo

Zumba combines Latin and international music and dance to create a dynamic calorie-burning form of workout for people of all fitness levels and age groups. This effective fitness system features aerobic training which is a fusion of slow and fast rhythms to tone and sculpt the body.


Mega Mix

Wednesday, July 3

Instructor: David Araujo

This class has the format of a fitness work out with a mix of cardio and strength exercises. High energy and high fun. Perfect way to start the day and feel energized throughout.


AirTrack Games (kindly sponsored by Vision Park Greece)

Wednesday, July 3

Instructor: To be announced

This workshop will walk you through a variety of gymnastics exercises on different AirTracks. According to each participant’s fitness level, they can work on leaps, handstands, (aerial) cartwheels, (aerial) front and back walkovers, flick-flacks, front and back flips and more.


Street Dance

Thursday, July 4

Instructors: Alexia Kyriazi and Eva Papadimitriou

In this workshop we will focus on learning basic movements of the so-called social dance styles or street dance and compose a short choreography. Examples of those styles are breakdancing, popping, house dance, voguing etc.